The Project

There is growing evidence that health and education are closely linked and influence other parameters such as poverty and income levels. It is known that education has the power to improve not only prosperity, but it has a huge effect on health outcomes. Despite the immense benefits, health literacy remains a challenge for the European public health. Research findings refer that more than a third of the EU population face difficulties in finding, understanding, evaluating and using information to manage their health (Sørensen et al., 2015). It is also important to emphasise that nowadays, the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading around the world. Health literacy must carry a significant impact during this pandemic in order to combat the faster spread of the virus. Considering these global pandemic developments, one of the main challenges is to provide appropriate healthcare and education to migrants and refugees throughout Europe. UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi warns that the new wave of refugees arriving in Europe are living with very poor sanitary conditions, which are especially vulnerable to the pandemic. Therefore, difficult access to education and health literacy make this population extremely vulnerable.

For this reason, Health Without Borders project goal is to improve health literacy skills in young migrants, refugees and marginalised youngsters in an embedded learning perspective, while promoting a set of socio educational innovative approaches for front-line youth workers to raise awareness with young migrants and refugees about the importance of health literacy in their daily lives.

The Partners

InterAktion is an Austrian organisation active in the field of human rights, sustainability, integration of the young people from migrant families and refugees, aiming to encourage intercultural dialogues between the people from different backgrounds and cultures through non-formal educational methods. The founding of InterAktion results from a defined need for additional support of young refugees during their process of integration. The organisation promotes active citizenship and voluntarism among the young people in Styria and contributes to the self-development and the inclusion of the marginalized groups and youth at risk. InterAktion is active in Trofaiach and Graz.

The mission of the youth NGO KulturLife is the facilitation and dissemination of Global Learning as a building block of a peaceful and prosperous living together in a globalized world. KulturLife is an NGO that specializes in all fields of intercultural communication. KulturLife has carried out numerous projects on a European level in the past years and has gained different focuses and expertise in the following areas:

  • International internships for vocational and secondary students
  • Social Inclusion of migrants and refugees into VET
  • Prevention of Radicalisation of young refugees
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Supporting people with special needs in the integration and application process into the labour market.

University of Piteşti (UPIT) is a state university, located in Pitesti (Southern part of Romania, at 120 kilometres from the capital Bucharest). UPIT aims being a dynamic and efficient HE provider in the region. Currently, it is a recipient for approx. 10.000 students from Muntenia region. It has around 700 paid teaching and administrative staff. It consists of 6 different faculties offering Bachelor, Master and Doctor Diplomas (www.upit.ro). Its objectives are to provide high quality educational, training and research services in order to train specialists in different fields and create an intellectual community accredited by national and international quality agencies.

The Social Cooperative Aurive started in 2007 as an entity to manage the National Civic Service projects in the two provinces of Novara and Verbano-Cusio-Ossola (Piedmont region, Italy). Actually the Aurive Social Cooperative is developing new fields of action, by promoting new initiatives addressed to the youths. Over the past three years the Aurive social cooperative has mainly worked with students and unemployed people aged under 35 years old, and with the aim of helping them to improve some of the basic skills needed to enter and remain in the labor market and to actively take part to the society trough active citizenship. In our projects we promote the idea of well-being and culture. We have been supported by some of the main Italian banking foundations (Cariplo, San Paolo, CRT) to work on audience engagement paths designed for marginal audiences, with special regard to low skilled young people, women in difficulty and elderly. We are inspired by the 2030 agenda and offer inclusive activities in an area perceived as elitist. We collaborate with museums, music festivals, libraries. Our activities want to stimulate and improve the quality of life of excluded people by increasing literacy of excluded targets on relevant topics connected to relevant social issues.

Rightchallenge is a non-profit association that aims to promote education and training as a driver of social inclusion and equal opportunities. We believe that education should focus on the integral development of all people – regardless of their social status, gender, age of cultural origin – in order to prepare them to intervene and participate in all dimensions of society. As an organisation actively involved with the community, one of our pillars of intervention is lifelong learning. We firmly believe that lifelong learning plays a key role in social cohesion, as it supports active and responsible citizenship. Our services include:

  • Organizational training and training of human resources in the areas of non-formal education, community intervention, socio-educational animation and volunteering;
  • Consulting in the area of social entrepreneurship and business development;
  • Training in the areas of human rights, volunteer management, environmental education and social justice and gender equality;
  • Organisation of workshops and debates in the area of human rights and social justice.